Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to navigate an FDD + the link between "Junior Golf" & "Entrepreneurs"

One of our rituals at TGA is that we do internal trainings every quarter where each staff member trains the rest of the team on a core function of his/her job.

We're scheduling our Q2 training which has me thinking about the last one I did, which was to attempt to make sense of our 240+ page Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) in a simple, "Cliffs Notes" format.  This is particularly relevant for us as we are currently in the middle of filing our new annual FDD's so I'm shoulder-deep in this information right now.

You can find a lot of FDD guides on the Internet but all the ones I saw looked almost as cumbersome as the FDD itself.  Therefore, I wanted to share my presentation in the hopes that it would be a helpful guide to anyone out there looking into a franchise system.

In separate but related news, TGA is fortunate to be featured in the current edition of Golf Range Magazine, a publication operated by the same group as PGA Magazine.

The title of the article is: "Junior Golf the TGA Way: Entrepreneurs Go Where the Kids Are - School.

I share this because it's a cool thing to see the words "junior golf" and "entrepreneurs" side by side.  11 years ago when we started TGA, it felt like taboo at times within the golf industry to be a for-profit junior golf company.  It's nice to see that perception has developed to the degree that our entrepreneurial approach is now being recognized and complimented.  This is an important development as I believe that entrepreneurs will need to be the heart-and-soul of industry growth and innovation moving forward.

Thanks to Golf Range Magazine for their kind words and kudos to the 52 entrepreneurs who comprise the TGA family for making TGA part of this important conversation.

Have a great week and happy entrepreneuring...


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